The CT55 is designed to measure the  conductivity of paint.

 It works with any liquid, but the original  intent was for it to be used in applications
 where the user can drain the
 CT55 using a removable bottom cap.

 The CT55 features a two cell design
 with standard carbon elements. 

 To clean the CT55, simply remove the  bottom cap, flush the interior with a  cleaning agent and use a brush to  clean  the cup.

 Users in the paint industry have found  this design to be far better than  standard Immersion type conductivity sensors.

 Model CT55-0010    
 K Factor


 10-2000 uS

 Body PVC and  Epoxy
 O-Rings Viton
 Sensor Type 2 Wire
 Sensor  elements Carbon
 Temperature  Range 0-100 C

CT55 Calibration Cup 

  • Fill and measure with ease
  • Easy to clean
  • Easily connected to any meter
  • Durable carbon electrodes

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